The practice of moving teeth is called orthodontics, and this can be carried out in a number of different ways such as Invisalign or using fixed braces.

These fixed braces can be metal or white, and are used to straighten teeth, level the smile, widen the smile, close gaps, and much more! Fixed braces are like traditional braces that you may see on a child, and are commonly referred to as ā€˜train tracksā€™.

Treatment time and cost varies and is specific to each case, but at The Windsor Dental Practice Leicester, we are able to treat a wide variety of cases and complexities due to our vast experience in the field!





Most people can have orthodontic treatment carried out, sometimes braces is the best option and sometimes it may be better to consider something like Invisalign. But we decide each case depending on what you want, and what would be best.

The first couple of weeks may be a little uncomfortable as you get used to having something in your mouth that wasnā€™t there before. The brace can feel sharp and your teeth can feel a bit achey as they are moving, but this soon settles. After adjustment appointments, you can get the achey feeling for a couple of days.

Metal braces donā€™t stain, but white braces can do. The elastic bands that go around each bracket on your tooth are clearā€¦but you can be sure a curry will stain them! So its best to take care with these kinds of foods.

Whenever you move teeth, they will have a tendency to move back to their original position. This is why retainers are SO important, and are essential. There are different types of retainers, but the ones we usually recommend are the clear plastic ones, know as Essix retainers.

It takes 6-7 months for the bone to form in the new position, so we ask you to wear your retainers full time for this initial period. For the next 6 months you would wear them for 12 hours a day (evenings and overnight) and after the first year you wear them at night. This is pretty much foreverā€¦or as long as you want your teeth to remain straight! We usually recommend having a new set of retainers made every 12 months.

Nope! With our amazing Itero Invisalign scanner, we are able to take a scan and produce a digital 3D model of your teeth which serves as our records for before we start, during treatment and at the end for your retainers.

Our treatment options start from Ā£2500, and we have interest free finance options available.

Treatment times really vary, and six month smiles is a brand of short term adult braces. We are certified providers of this treatment as well as quick straight teeth, but we also have training in more comprehensive options. We are not specialist orthodontists.

braces before and after
braces before and after
braces before and after



from Ā£3200


Metal braces - brackets bonded to teeth with wire running through them
Regular progress follow ups
Retainers to keep teeth in place once treatment is complete
Free consultation

We believe in providing high quality and ethical dentistry to our patients, whilst providing bespoke treatments to cater for all their needs.


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